I’ve been teaching for almost a decade and love it! When students learn from Piano By Andrew, they are learning MUCH MORE than reading notes on a page. After all, music is creating, expressing, improvising, composing, collaborating, and HAVING FUN! Through group lessons, students collaborate with peers and learn from one another. Through games, learning theory takes on a life of its own. Through improvising and composing, students are creating and taking ownership of their learning.

My musical journey began at 7 years old and continued into college where I received an undergraduate degree in Piano Performance and Music Education. I’m truly grateful for the opportunities I had, as well as having supportive parents that made sure I practiced regularly. However, one thing that was lacking were opportunities to be creative, play by ear, improvise, and compose. It wasn’t until much later that I embarked on my journey of learning to play creatively. I believe it is SO important for today’s musicians to learn these skills; yet sadly such opportunities are missing from many traditional lessons. That’s why teaching creative skills is a core value of Piano By Andrew!

My experience as a public school music teacher has taught me the value of sharing the love of music with large groups of students. I love teaching large groups of students so much that I decided to bring it into my piano studio! My students not only receive private lessons, but also participate in group lessons scheduled periodically throughout the year. I believe students gain so much from their group lessons by performing for each other, playing music games, and making lifelong friendships.

I am a member of Phoenix Music Teacher’s Association (PMTA), the Arizona State Music Teachers Association (ASMTA), and the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA). Why does this matter to you? Because of my memberships, my students have opportunities to participate in exclusive events. PLUS it is important that your teacher continues their education. In addition, I am a member of SEVERAL online communities just for piano teachers! That means that your child will not only learn from me, but also from some of the world’s best piano teachers.

I invite you to schedule your free introductory lesson. This will give you a chance to see first-hand the amazing opportunities awaiting you at Piano By Andrew. I look forward to helping you on your musical journey.

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