What Do Lessons Include?

30 Minutes of Private Instruction

Each lesson includes 30 minutes with the instructor. Lessons are designed to meet the specific needs and goals of each student.

andrew brothers teaches a girl learning piano

30 Minutes of Lab Time

In addition to private instruction, each lesson includes 30 minutes of time spent in the music lab. This is where students can work on theory, ear training, musicianship skills, composition, etc. The music lab uses the latest technology and apps that support student learning.

Quarterly Group Lessons and Camps

Tuition includes group lessons and camps scheduled throughout the year. Group lessons are a great way for students to interact with each other, learn together, and have fun! By taking part in group lessons, students are part of a community and make life-long friends.

piano by andrew recital


$120 per month

Tuition includes all weekly private and group lessons, bonus lab time, all core music for the semester, studio recitals, and practice support through Tonara.

Why Choose Piano By Andrew


Learning music is MUCH MORE than reading notes on a page! It’s listening, creating, improvising, and composing. Students learn all of these skills and much more, whether it’s composing their own pieces, learning their favorite pop song, or learning to play in a band with their friends.


At Piano By Andrew, students join a community of students learning to play piano. Learning an instrument with their peers makes a HUGE difference and students are motivated to stay in lessons longer.


We use lots of GAMES to reinforce concepts in different ways. Students have lots of fun in lessons while learning concepts that make them better musicians.

Practice Support

Throughout the year, I run different practice challenges which my students always look forward to. I emphasize quality practicing, rather than just sitting at the piano for a certain amount of time. Students learn how to be mindful of how they practice. We even use practice games!


Every student enrolled at Piano By Andrew receives a customized curriculum appropriate for their age, goals, and skill-level. Every student learns differently and I find solutions that work for you or your child. Each student receives more individualized attention than they would from a large music school.

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